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Club AGM 2024


A Chara,

You are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of your club Na Cúnna C.L.G na bhFaolchúnna, Léim an Mhadaidh on Wednesday 10th January 2024 at 8pm in Bethany Community Centre.



  1. Adoption of Standing Orders.

  2. Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting.

  3. Consideration of the Annual Report submitted by the Secretary.

  4. Consideration of the Financial Statement.

  5. The Chairperson’s Address.

  6. Notices of Motion.

  7. Election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee.

  8. Any other Business.

I would be grateful if you could return officer nomination and motions to me on or before 27th December 2023.

Any forms returned after this date will not be considered.

Nominations are open for all Committee positions, and we urge members to remember that this is your opportunity to become involved, to help change, shape, and make a difference in your Club.

We look forward to seeing you there.

James Roddy
Séamus Ó Rodaigh
An Runai
8 Clovervale
BT49 0BG

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